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Opening in Studio 12 on Friday 2 March 2012 is FAMILY TREE; a group exhibition by members of the one family.

This group exhibition of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and furniture design shows the diversity and talent of one extended family. Tim Hall (musician, steel sculptor and furniture designer) first ran the idea past his mother Gwenda Hall (painter and musician) in 2009. Since then it has grown to include Gwenda’s brother Phil Donnison (musician, painter and film maker) and Tim’s partner Amy’s cousins xb (architect, sculptor and furniture designer) and Sophie Seck (photographer) and Morgen’s wife Mignon Steele (painter and sculptor).

Family Tree is open until Sunday 18 March 2012.

Opening Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Click here for further information.

We are super excited to announce our eleven Performing Arts Residents — made up of individual artists and a number of groups — who will be using Heffron Hall and FraserStudios to develop new work over the coming year.

The projects span a diverse range of performing arts disciplines including theatre, dance, music, poetry and performance art.

Successful applicants include Sydney’s favourite performance trio POST, developing a show about death compiled of all the death scenes ever written (an intentionally impossible task), a creative development period between Matt Prest and UK artist Philip Burgers, as well as the development of two new works for the 2012 Next Wave Festival from artists Alice Williams and Justin Shoulder.

Chester Productions have received one week full-time rehearsal space to develop Crushed by Melita Rowston, originally a part of our Off the Shelf professional development program for writers and directors, and emerging dancer Emiline Forster has received part-time rehearsal space throughout the year for Utopia, destined for this year’s Sydney Fringe at PACT centre for emerging artists.

Taking QSS’ Performing Arts Residency program in new and diverse directions include sound artist Sam Pettigrew, developing a new work to be toured to Europe later this year, and writer Pip Smith (founder of Penguin Plays Rough) working on Wayside Renga, a poem for radio, web and performance.

Full list of 2012 Performing Arts Residents:

  • Chester Productions
  • Rebecca Clarke, Nikki Britton, Rachael Coopes & Katie Pollock
  • Emiline Forster
  • Garnet Productions
  • Sam Pettigrew
  • Jason Pitt
  • POST
  • Matt Prest with UK artist Philip Burgers
  • Justin Shoulder with Jeff Stein, Toby K and Nick Wales
  • Pip Smith with Monica Brooks, James Brown and Yana Taylor
  • Alice Williams

Click here for more info about these new QSS-Residents and the projects they will be working on this year.

This year Queen Street Studio is making the most of FraserStudios while we have it, introducing “Sunday Salon”, our new monthly programming on a Sunday afternoon bringing together music, food, fun and whatever else takes our fancy.

This programming has been created to give us Queen Streeters a light hearted outlet in our final months. It acts as an earnest-free zone and curation will be rotated so each staff member gets the chance to hold an event.

Coming up this month is Australia’s first warehouse danceteria: “Edible Sundies”, curated by our fast talking events coordinator Kym Lenoble.

Taking Sunday afternoon to a sexy new level, we invite you to come and chill, eat, and dance (but maybe wait half an hour before you break out the robot).

Eat, dance, or just huddle in a corner with your friends and bitch about everybody else… just as long as you don’t miss this unique new Sunday afternoon hangout.

Beef, beats, tuna, tunes, soul food. Be there.

Sunday 26 February 2012
$10 donation on the door

Stay tuned for next month’s Eurovision inspired roller derby*
*prepare to sign a waiver

Although we think every month should be surrounded with arts and culture, the real excitement is building up for Art Month Sydney 2012 which begins on the 1st March and ends on the 25th March. This annual festival combines the like of all things artistic and contemporary. Such events throughout the festival include guided walking tours (or cycling if you prefer), exhibitions and — our favourite — Art Bars. Art Month Sydney will bring together over 300 artists, 200 events and 100 exhibitions. And You, if you’d like to be involved too:

Queen Street Studio will be part of Art Month Sydney in a number of ways, with an event here at FraserStudios called “Uncollectable Art” on Sunday 11 March from 2-3pm.

Image credit Jess Olivieri

Some of Australia’s most committed ‘uncollectable artists’ and artist-run collectives discuss what it that means to create art which cannot be bought. They explain why they are committed to such practise and the overall impact of ‘uncollectable art’ on the industry. Speakers include ex QSS-Resident Keg De Souza and Sarah Rodigari from Field Theory. Hosted by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, editor and director of Das Superpaper.

We’ve also got heaps of our previous QSS-Residents involved in solo and group shows. Mark these dates down in your diary:

  •  Inaugural Exhibition 6th March — 1st April, Galerie pompom. Featuring past QSS-Residents Leo Coyte and Charles Dennington,
  • Because We Can 21st — 24th March, Kudos Gallery. Featuring past QSS resident Tully Arnot.
  • Harriet Body solo show 27th February –31st March, Branch 3D Gallery.
  • Craig Waddell solo show (current QSS-Resident) 22nd-17th March, Gallery 9.

Take a look at Art Month’s Artist Insight vid below, featuring Craig Waddell interviewed in his workspace at FraserStudios:

For more information about Art Month Sydney click here.

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