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Image by Arunas Photography

Once every three months we throw open the doors to FraserStudios in Chippendale to give you the chance to explore our artists’ working studios and have a chat to some of our current Visual Arts & Performing Arts Residents to see what they’ve been working on. We throw a barbeque, set up some decks, and have a drink or two on a casual Sunday afternoon…

The current round of Visual Artists are working especially hard and the studios are pretty darn exciting to look at, so join us for the final FraserStudios Open Day of 2011!


Team Mess
Tammie Castles
Charles Dennington
John A. Douglas
Becky Gibson
Michaela Gleave
Alexander Jackson Wyatt
Monica Levy
Ngoc Nguyen
Adam Norton
Stephanie Quirk
Mark Titmarsh
Craig Waddell

Plus informal artist chats with current Visual Arts Resident Craig Waddell and Blueprint Residents Leeke Griffin, Venettia Miller and Ryuichi Fujimura.

Also open are our studio neighbours Assemblage Studio (42 Kensington Street), where Sydney-based artist and designer (and ex QSS-Resident) Damien Butler will be giving demonstrations of digital fabrication tools in artist practice, including laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D scanning at 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30pm.


Sunday 30 October, 1-5pm
FraserStudios: 10–14 Kensington Street, Chippendale


Image courtesy of Arunas Photography.

Late last year we posted pics of our cool new commission on the roller door at Studio 10, FraserStudios. Today our featured artist is the artist responsible for that amazing stencilling; Nick Boerma. We asked him a few questions about how he got in touch with QSS, his artistic practice and what he’s up to at the mo’.

So Nick… tell us about yourself as an artist. How do you like to describe your practice?

I guess I’d describe myself as an artist based primarily in print media with an inclination for urban installation. Print is my default medium and the way I like to experiment with and flesh out ideas.

Aesthetically, I like my work to have a pop factor; something which makes it jump out at you. I feel that this, if done right, can be both an engaging and disarming aesthetic.

Whenever I’m asked about my practice, I always seem to come back to manual procedure and an idea of “toil”. It’s always very important for me to feel like I’m literally working at something. I’m always more satisfied when a work has required me to physically exert myself.

What sort of training have you had as an artist / what sort of training would you like to have?

I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at SCA in Rozelle. I enrolled there after I completed a View full article »

This year we have offered a total of fifteen residencies to both established and emerging Performing Artists (including solo performers, collectives and theatre companies) from Sydney. Performing Arts Residents receive up to three weeks of rehearsal space and a small stipend to develop new projects — which will this year include theatre  for both children and adults, interdisciplinary works, and dance, movement and choreography.

Without further ado, a big congrats to our 2011 Performing Arts Residents who were chosen via a peer selection process from a total of 58 applications:

  • Drop Bear Theatre
  • Lizzie Thomson
  • Katherine Beckett
  • Siren Theatre Company
  • Hosanna Heinrich, Kenny Feather & Chris Wilson
  • Alice Osborne & Halcyon Macleod
  • Gavin Clarke
  • Tin Sheds
  • Alexandra Harrison
  • Martin del Amo & Julie-Anne Long
  • Jonathan Wald, Elaine Hudson & Jo Lewis
  • Linda Luke
  • Yana Taylor
  • Julie Vulcan
  • Katherine Cogill

Read more about the program and these fantastic artists’ projects here.

We can’t wait to see what you create during your time in Studio 14 at FraserStudios; our multi-disciplinary art space owned by Frasers Property and managed by US!

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